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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2005 at 9:24pm
Current mood: tired
Music: usher-caught up
Subject: spring break 2005
all i can say is wow. that was a fun week for sure. i guess i should start at the beginning. we left last friday afternoon to drive to the sunshine state. it was a lonnnnng drive. 16 hours to get to gainesville to rest and pick up courtney then about another six to get to ft lauderdale.

we got there around 5:30 on saturday afternoon and immediately hit the beach. went out to dinner, got ready to go out, had a little mishap with an egg and headed back to the hotel, where we stumbled upon a canadian rugby team that was staying at the sea club with us. they liked me so much that they gave me an i heart toronto shirt and named me miss toronto 2005. lol my other given nickname is weyonce. we hung out with them for that evening, which turned out to be quite an interesting one ;) and for the next two nights after that. we went to a bunch of bars and clubs...the usual vacation type stuff, and layed out on the beach all day. it wasn't that hot, but it was better than michigan, so i pretty much spent the entire week in as little clothing as possible. courtney left on tuesday morning because she was really sick, so it was the four of us for the rest of the week, plus sabrina spending a couple of days with us. we went out every night with the exception of one. the first and last nights were definitely the best. thursday was al's birthday so we went to this club and danced all night, surrounded by hot guys. i can deal with that any day. this was just a brief synopsis of the week, but there are a few things i will never forget:

the hottest girls in ft lauderdale
florence y'all
six way showers
in the ocean, all in the sand
the bull named horny
miss toronto 2005
cheeks, weyonce, picky, chuckles, sandison
our nightly goal
big bone lick in kentucky
waffle house
lesbianism at its peak
weegie's erection and lynsi's superb groin
more naked men than i can count (fabio, old guy, mike, shea, reed, andreas to name a few)
allison and i in the wtsc
circles of hooking up amongst friends
someone who can't control their bm's
boobs popping out
but you said you SWALLOW!
what's my name, what's my name, what's my name
flashing in the kilt
flashing my brights
al and i going places with strange men
we need to go to church now
151: my one true love
the unknowing chasing with liquor

too many to name

sucks that we have to go back to school on monday, but i'll definitely hold on to the memories. can't wait for spring break next year.
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