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frumpy (profile) wrote,
on 3-5-2005 at 8:09pm
Current mood: bored
Music: Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack
Subject: Ten Paragraphs Meme~!
In no particular order...

1. You're truly one of the gentlest people I know. I always giggle when you pat my head or nosebeep me in Bio class, and your hugs are always so soft and sweet. When I first met you, you seemed like a silly kid, and that's why I liked you. You're clever as well, and an amazing athlete.. yet you don't seem to get as much recognition for all that you can do, particularly from your parents. I admire your bravery in being yourself. You're very lucky, and your happiness always makes me feel happy too, and hopeful that I can find someone wonderful for myself as well. I love you, kiddo!

2. I heard a lot about you from our mutual friend who loves to act as though I already know the person she is talking about... so when I finally did meet you, I felt like I had known you for months XD I'm really glad we became friends, especially during Sophomore year. You seem to be one of the few people I see every day who is readily available for me to have serious, intimate discussions with, and for that I'm grateful. You're also very funny, you make me laugh a lot; and you're just an all around neat-o person. Good luck in the future ^^

3. Before I met you, I admired you a lot for your talent, and I was so flattered when you wanted to talk to me and be my friend! To this day I still look up to a lot, like an older sister. Yet, recently I realized how much you are beloved by other people as well. Your reputation alone makes people talk, and it's not so much that I'm jealous or intimidated... I suppose I just don't want you to see me as just another person who adores you. But we've been friends for a good few years now, and you've always been there for me; including when I was at my very lowest. For that I am so grateful, and I hope I can make it up to you, especially since you're going through hard times of your own now. I hope that no matter where we are in the coming years, we'll stay as close as we are now. You are my best friend and I love you.

4. You've changed so much from the way I remember you in elementary school! But I suppose it's understandable, because we were never really friends until.. well I guess just this past year! Until Christmas the year before last, I hadn't seen you in at least five years perhaps, but even though you were different, I liked you. I think you're a really fun and silly person.. and very creative as well! The things you think of and say amuse me so much, and I usually find myself saying the same things in different situations! On a random note, I think you have the prettiest hair of anyone I know. I can't believe it's all natural! Take care of it, because it's gorgeous and you should be proud ^___^

5. I think I've told you this before, but you're someone I'm particularly fond of. Just because I think everything you have to say is so interesting! Your deep personality is something I don't quite understand usually, but that makes you all the more intriguing. You're probably one of the cleverest, if not the cleverest person I know, which is cool, but it sometimes makes me feel inferior compared to you. Still, it seems like there are a lot of things in life that make you unhappy, and it's unfortunate that you allow the things that bother you to slowly torture you until you can't stand it any longer. But I've always been rooting for you, and I sincerely hope you can assess yourself, be honest with others, and be free.

6. I don't know you all that well, so I really don't have that much I can say. However, I can say that you seem like a really nice and interesting person. A mutual friend of ours mentioned you in passing once, and when I inquired, she described you as one of the coolest people ever! When I finally did meet you, you seemed very cool indeed ^^ Although we don't usually say much more to each other than 'hello' most often, I hope eventually we can hang out more and get to know eachother better.

7. You're very interesting. In many ways you seem to be the exact polar opposite of everything I associate with myself, but that's why I like you. You're different, and so I'd like to understand you better. I like having with you the long, thoughtful discussions we have quite often... I feel like it's easy to open up to you. I'd like to get to know you better, however.. since it seems like you grew up very differently than me. And I know there's a lot on your mind, but I hope you'll be able to sort it all out and be happy. You'll find yourself in a good place to be someday.

8. You're another person who changed a lot from when I last associated with you, and I'm so sorry that you have such a poor image of yourself and much of life. Still, I don't think I can ever get rid of my past impression... I still think you're a terribly adorable person with a cute face, cute smile, and cute mannerisms. I also love your drawings.. I think your style is much cleaner and daintier than mine. I also enjoy many your picturesque, philosophical writings about the world and nature; you say the most poetic things that paint a beautiful picture in my mind. I wish we were better friends.. and I'm sorry I haven't made the effort to make that happen... I know I'll regret it when we go away. But I still want you to know that I care about you; I want you to be happy. And you'll always have a place in my heart.

9. You're the one person who's known me longer than any one of my other friends. Still, sometimes I feel like since we're no longer as close as we were; we may not really know each other any longer, as our lives have changed and gotten all the more complicated. Sometimes I think you can be really irrational and immature, but it's easy for me to see past it and know that you're a mostly wonderful person. In spite of it all, it usually feels like the good old days when we hang out, though it's not usually too often that we actually do! I hope we can at least get a couple more good sleepovers and whatnot in before we go to college.

10. The circumstances in which we met were incredibly bizarre, but it made for a good story to tell, and I'm glad that we're such close friends now. After I told you my biggest secret at the time, I felt like you were a person I could open up to easily, and completely. You're so caring, understanding, and wise beyond your years; so I hold all your advice and support in the highest regard. You're also one of my favorite people to be silly with, as you're one of the few boys I know who I can squee about smexeh ships with, and therefore allow me see the same things with a complete opposite perspective. On a particularly evil note, I need to draw you hot boy prawn of some kind that, though I hope will blow your mind and make you want to crawl into the fetal position, you will actually probably think is totally awesome, ergo, making it awkward for me, and wanting to crawl in the fetal position. Curse you for being pervier than me! Anyway, I seem to be going on a tangent now since this is the last paragraph, but the point is is that I'm really glad we're friends. I love you. And I'll miss you so much when you leave. Stay in contact, yes? ^^
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