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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2005 at 4:48pm
Welps last night Junior called me at like 2 and we didnt get off the phone till like..... 4:30 WOW i was soo amazed lol even tho like the last 20 mins he didnt talk and i almost hung up on him but i ended up falling asleep on him instead....... Oppz Sorry huni but you was gone WAY to long and yeah i couldnt help it.......... but anyway i got up at like 10:30 this moring..... bout died cause i was SOOO tired Oh well it was worth staying up late just to talk to him............ anyways so today i got up then went to Mom and Dad's (grandparents) home cause Tomorrow is dads birthday and so they had a partyish thing out there...... HAPPY 67th BIRTHDAY DAD Dave and Tom wasnt out there tho and the only person i had to talks to was Melvin and i dont really talks to him much anymore..... So What i like it when my cousins hate me.. Oh well theres reasons for that....... welps then we went to Wal-mart after we left there and now here i am bored out of my mind..... but at least i didnt almost wreak today YAY for me ..... welps im gonna go i might update later if something exciting happens lol.... Shaina we need to talks bout my decision on the buss friday.. seeing since i decided not to........ gots to talk to you about why and such lol Much Love and God Bless
*Kimberly Dawn*
Love you Lots Junior
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