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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 3-6-2005 at 7:57pm
Current mood: confused
Music: short skirt long jacket
Subject: blehh
wtf paul is on johanna's sn is like being gay as hell.. ive like never even talked to the kid before and he just came to this school like 3 seconds ago & now hes like trying to talk to me all ghetto.. and he thinks hes so badass.. what a faggot. we're in loudoun.. get used to it sweetness. geez im surrounded by idiots!

yeahh so today was pretty gay. i just sat at home and did nothing basically because there is nothing to do. its sunday and samm was at work so i shopped online basically all day haha.. mm.. fun. i got some cute stuff from hollister, a&f, and victoria's secret. thenn i went and picked up samm from work and then we went to panera as usual. exciting.. i know

woah the only news i have is that chris broke his hip! holy shit! sam & keith went over to wyatt and miles's & they hooked the 4-wheeler up to a sled and went around the circle in the way back, and chris got flown into a tree and like broke his hip! damnn..
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