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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 3-8-2005 at 5:59pm
Current mood: calm
Music: silence
Subject: damn its cold
wtf is MARCH and it snowed today.. god.. haha i hate the snow so much now.. i just wish it was warm so i could go TAN! haha im getting so pale its even freaking me out.. merr.

today we had a freaking SOL english test today.. it was only 34 questions and they gave us an hour and a half.. all the gay smarties in my class were like taking their time like reading EVERY WORD CAREFULLY and i was the first one done.. by like 15 minutes.. but when everyone finished we got to do whatever we want so it was good enough for me - and i got to miss english with fuckin donosaurs.. jesus christ i hate that class! ha well other than that it was just a regular gay day..

omg for once the fucking highlight of my day was the bus! lmaoo omfg it was soo funny! ok so it was pretty fun just hangin around talking with everyone on the way to town and right after we dropped garrett off we realized that there was a huge tree down in the middle of the road and thomas, derek, and jeremy were like LETS MOVE IT! so every single person got off the bus and like grabbed a branch and samm and i took like the MAIN bulk of the tree and i was laughing to hard to even do anything and so i was like "meh, fuck this" and samm and i got on the bus and all the other chicks followed us on, and so while we were sitting there, i started seeing how many seats i could jump over and shit and it was soo much fun - and then thomas got back on and did these like flips over the seat and it was hilarious. soo we were just sitting there for a while and samm and i started swordfighting with out arms and it was freaking hilarious and so, i was in the backseat, and i jumped on the very back like.. panel thingy thats just a flat surface and there is a little siding on it so i thought she wouldnt be able to see me and so i jumped up there and like 30 seconds down the road we hit this HUGE pothole and i FLEW! lmao omg is was fucking AWESOME! haha holy shit it was so hot and then i was sorta.. stuck up there cause i couldnt get off cause she was either, moving, or she was looking right towards the back - but i got off eventually lmao. ok, so she dropped us off and she was going to go down and drop us off by our houses but samm derek and i got off first and so we decided to all walk in the middle of the road so rainee couldnt get by and it was fucking hilarious and so derek and i just stopped in the middle of the road for like 5 minutes and then i ran away cause i was freezing my balls off & thats all! lmao it was freaking awesome

alright well im done, write back tomorrow
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