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cait0880 (profile) wrote,
on 3-9-2005 at 8:04am
I saw John Garren the other night. It was amazing to talk to him about all the shit we went through and have it not be weird. Yes he stole from me and all but hes the one who cant stop drugs now and im okay. Its sad to know i watched him throw his life away and watched so many other people do the same. Even if he was very entertaining it was scary. It makes me so greatfull that i got my life back because i look at other people who cant and im so happy i have will power and i am back on track. I never want to be like that again
It feels good to see my hard work in action, to know that it pays off and it really makes a huge diffrence if i am on drugs or not.
ALl i can say is i hope that John and someone else who i care about alot gets better
and as for this other person
they are making me so upset i want them to feel better and i want to know why i care about someone so much who doesnt even care about themselfs
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