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tboblp (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2005 at 3:53pm
Cats are acting crazy again, time to go to my mom's house. My aunt Kath, uncle Ken, and their daughter (my cousin), Kelsey are all in town visiting. I asked my mom to find out how much Gran Turismo 4 was at the mall, and she bought it for me! That's pretty cool. I wish I was in highschool again right now, because the weeks after spring break are the hear that seniors?? At least for me, everything was taken care of, I had already stopped caring about Calc, and yes I did pass the AP so it ended up not mattering. Art class became, Performance art class, or what we liked to call it. Ms Howard called it kids acting crazy. But that class was alot of fun those last few weeks, as was french, and english, and everything. I got to walk around smiling knowing that Id be leaving soon, only to be sad later when it was all over. Whoever first said those were the best years of your life is a genius, although im damn sure he didnt say that during those years. oh, and Neil Peart is God
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