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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2005 at 4:33pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: the beatles- lucy in the sky with diamonds
Subject: sigh...
i'm feelin a little sad for my boys back home.

dan didn't have his best swims at state meet, so he didn't end up winning, and i'm sure he's upset. he did a great job this year, though. he's been working really, really hard, and he deserved to have a better meet than he did, but i'm still proud of him for getting this far!

kyle was playing in the state championship hockey finals today, going for a 3peat, and they lost by one goal in OT. from what i hear, it was a really good game, so i'm proud of them too, win or lose.

i just wish i could have been there to watch them. i sort of miss some of the hype and festivities that come along with trenton sports. the tailgating, signs on houses, and team dinners. all that stuff. i also really, really miss my trenton friends right now. particularly the girls i swam with. i think maybe it's because swimming ended a couple of weeks ago, and i'm not spending as much time with the michigan girls as usual. i don't know...the next few weekends are going to be a lot of fun, because of certain parties and whatnot, but i think after that i'm going to go home for a weekend and just spend time with people. i mean, i was home last weekend right after spring break, but i didn't really see anyone or do anything. basically i was just there for the night to sleep. with the exception of that day, i haven't been home since christmas vacation. it'll be going on three months now. that's a lonnnng time not to see the people you love.

this winter crap is probably partly the cause of me thinking like this. i just want it to be warm, so i can go outside and goof around. i sound like a big dork but i don't really care. i'm having one of those days where i just do nothing allll afternoon and feel bored and tired and want to hang out with someone from home. ugh.

if anyone from trenton wants to come up and stay for a weekend, they're more than welcome. i need to see a new face up here so i don't go crazy.

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