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leftofcool (profile) wrote,
on 3-12-2005 at 3:38pm
so um, i met someone in january... when my roommates best friend abbie came to visit us... well, lets just say abbie turned out to be one hell of a kisser... so i went out there for a weekend (pittsburgh) and im going back out there this friday for the first half of break before meeting lammers and lindsey in NYC. i mean, the girl lives in a log cabin and goes to a school called Slippery Rock.. how fanfuckintastic is that. its been a bizarre couple months. jackie is moving in may, thats another whole story... love that girl but what can you do... shaun hautly even came and stayed here for a night. i read the book 'cunt' and i think its a pretty important piece. i even quit drinking for a week and a half. i was so bored i got a facebook account. then i came to my senses and did a beer bong. my brother is coming up here the first weekend of april, hell yes, and we are trying to get tickets to one of the three sold out widespread shows while he is here. he has yet to see me in chicago. the two of us in this city has the potential to be... well... if you have kids, know where they are. finals are next week and as per usual the end of the trimester is kickin my ass. one more trimester after spring break and then its sophmore year under my belt. crazy. and ill be 21 in 6 months. also great. how about this shit for older and wiser- instead of going downtown for the parade today and drinking green beer at 10am, i went to the library. im beginning to make myself sick.

emily, for the sake of all of us stuck here, drink some good beer in germany. and have fun. and sex. those would be my instructions.

and im done.
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