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stroker (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2005 at :00pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: ICP - Fuck The World
Subject: Why?
Hay y'all, whats up? This is my first entry so please bare with me. All my friends post their shit here so I thought I would give it a try. I'm not much for airing out my dirty laundry but what the fuck, why not? I ain't got anyone else to talk too. Please forgive my spelling and grammer, my brain does not work right. I don'y even know were to start.

Have you ever been around a 100 people and still felt all alone. I have, all weekend. I spent the weekend with some of my best friends. We went to Detriot for a show my friend Kev was in. It was really fun but the car ride sucked. My fucking legs were killing me when I got back. I went with my friends Kev, jenny, and jess. I met so many people at the show, it was cool. This one guy really pissed me off though. He was some punk with tall ass spikes on his head, my friends jenny & jess thought he was hot ( I wouldn't know ) and he seemed cool at first. Jenny kept trying to get a pic of him on her camera and got into a jello slinging fight with him and his friends (wich were mostly female). She seemed to think he was cool, but I thought differently. I was sitting in the smoke room all by myself for like 15 min and jenn had just left and he started talking to his bitch friends about here. Saying shit about how short she is (now I crack jokes about her hight all the time but its all out of love and I think she knows that) and about how she looked and shit. So I told him to shut the fuck up and he made a crack about me being too fat be with her so I told him that she was my best friends girl and my friend so if he said one more word I crack his jaw over the god dam bar or ice cream counter, what ever the fuck that was. He just smiled and left, I was going to tell jenny but I thought it might just bring her down so I told her he was a dick and she yelled at me so I just shut up. She can think what ever she wants but he was a dick. Other than that one guy the hole night rocked ass. It was one of the coolest indy shows I have ever been too. What sucked was driving home in the worst dam snow storm ever, I thought I was driving in a corn field for a second because there was no light and I couldn't see any markers. We made it home but dam was I scared. I couldn't show it though because I think if I had, Jenn & Jess would have flipped out or some thing. As long as they thought I knew what I was doing It would be just fine.

In other news I haven't realy talked to my friends like I used too, as of late. When ever I talk to anyone it is always about them and thier problems because I'm more of listener than a talker. But Some thing has been bothering me for a couple of weeks and I need to get it off my chest. I think there is something wrong with me. For about the last three weeks I have been getting these really bad dizzy spells and shit, just out of nowere. I haven't told any one but I'm starting to get scared because they are getting worse. I'll just be standing somewere and my vison will get all fucked up and I can't tell my hand from the asshole next to me. It only lasts for a min or so but it fucks me up. I get all dizzy and sick in my gut and my brain hurts. Fuck it! It will go away, or I'll die one way or another it will stop. Oh well.

Well thats all I have to say today It's like three in the morning and shit so I think I'll go But y'all be cool and remember that you should do one really good thing every day. Put out your hand and help someone, hay who knows some day you may need help and it's easier to get some if you have given some. If everyone helps one person every day than the world will be full of love, life is to short to spend it hateing and debateing. So next time you see a friend frown or look all pissed give 'em a hug, if they ask why just say because and hug 'em again. Ones life may not be long, but with love & friendship it can be good.

Please leave this site knowing you have my love, weather I know you or not.
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