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wildthing (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2005 at 4:00pm
Well On saturday my mom came and got my sisters and i and we found out she has temporary custody of jordyn, and why she did. I guess that Jacks *jordyns dad* sister wrote my mom a letter sayin that jack had been cought by her, sexually abusing her neices and nephews when they were younger, and my mom and aunt took that right to the lawyer and now he cant see her till after the court date, which is in april on the 10th, I couldnt beleive that, when she said that, my mouth dropped to the floor, and i guess on friday when my mom got her from jack that jordyn had a blood blister on her hand and my mom was like *hun what is that from* and she goes *well i wanted to call sisy's and you, and when you called i knew it was you, so i went to pick up the phone and he slammed the phone down on my hand* I wanna kick jacks ass SOO bad right now... but yeah, so i'm really glad i got to see her though, and i got a lot of pics of her with my camera. but anywho I'm doin alright dads here, and so yeah...well i think thats it...ttyl!


Oh and my mom and aunt are takin jordyn to the doc to see if he did anything to her, and she is goin to see a counseler
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