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lynds4090 (profile) wrote,
on 3-13-2005 at 4:03pm
i had like the best sat. night ever in so long! like it was just like summer. we had tank tops on! lol.... it was great. i had like my best friends w/ me kathlean, keirra and mary.. it was kathlean and kierra's birthday!! big 18!!! ah it was but yeah i just had an awesome time.
this is going to be a busy busy week. i'im so glad i had time to just let everything let loose. we had no plans! but soon our night was filled. this is the week that track and the play overlap... the week of the play. last one! yes! huzza! the only sucky part is that i'm loosing my voice. :(
so yeah it will be busy one. oh but i just had so much fun. i so wish we could of done more.... we were all up for it. so yeah i'm so excited. but i shouldn't be because i won't have that good of weekend in a long time. i was just in a great mood.:) so yeah ok i'm done! ttyl bye!! i love you all!! *mwah!
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