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blair (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2005 at 7:07am

Happy "Pi" Day! (This is celebrated by some very deranged math teachers and nerds, in case you were wondering..)

Happy Steak and BJ Day! Of course, if you (the man) didn't do anything special for a girl on V-Day, then this day is null and void for you this year, anyway.

so I'm finally 18. It doesn't feel much different. Oh, I have the same rights as a thirty year old licensed driver in California. That's always a good thing. There's plenty of things I supposed I could do. but I won't.

One thing I learned? If you're ever going to post a "personal" (even if you're only seeking new FRIENDS), be brutally honest. I think nerds are hottttttt. I put out a request seeking nerdy or intelligent men. Nearly 90 responses. Without posting some cleavage baring photo, too.

I have some very amazing friends, even if I have a hard time appreciating all of them all of the time, especially the man who decided to classify himself as my "kinda boyfriend". um, no. :) I love you dearly, but I don't think so.

Today, I don't have to be at work 'til 8am. oh yeahhh.
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