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chromegoblin (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2005 at 10:47pm
I'm not really dead but my computer was which is why I haven't been heard of for almost exactly a month. So I unintentionally ended up going back on my word that I'd be around more frequently. It took me this long to fix the machine because I haven't any money to send it to a repair shop and had to wait for someone to do it for free and that kinda happened this weekend when my Chinese friend decided he wanted to try and fix it.

I hate my school... They blocked all the web journal sites from all the school computers so you can't access anything and god forbid they catch you in your e-mail account... Its like a recipe for instant death.

Emerson is suspending and kicking people out for the shittiest reasons but that's only because our new student relations 'dean' thinks he's god. In fact I think I'm on his hit list because I cut class in order to eat (I went about a week and a half without eating in my household because I refused anything my mom gave me) and I'm late frequently.

I FINALLY got a new keyboard! But I can't see what I'm typing too well 'cause my contact came off.

Now that my computer is all better (I don't know how the hell Tao did it but he fixed it) I WILL be online at least a couple of times a week starting tomorrow (not today because I feel like shit due to an infection spreading from my left cheek down to my throat) and hopefully *crosses fingers* an absense like this won't happen again.
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