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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 3-15-2005 at 7:28pm
Current mood: tired
Music: some song i don't know the name of
Subject: libraries
so this sort of sucks i guess. i thought that life would be so much easier once swimming was over and all i had to do was school, but i was wrong. it seems like all of my teachers decided to make my classes ridiculously hard, right after i had just missed an entire week for big tens. i got a c+ on my last spanish quiz and a b- on my philosophy midterm. ugh. i did manage to pull an a on my english paper, the entirety of which i wrote the night before.

we had another paper due this morning, a research paper that needed eight sources, which i decided to choose a topic for and start researching at 9:30 last night. smart move. usually i can whip out a paper in a couple of hours with no problem, but i severely underestimated the dilemma that awaited me in the library. my paper was on italian immigrant assimilation in the 1920s. i know, fascinating, right? anyways, our teacher had showed us how to use the databases in the library to find the names of books that would help us, but she made it look much easier than it actually was. i now hate research.

basically from 9:30 until 11 i was just finding the names of sources on the computer, and after that, i had to actually venture into the libraries and fnd them. these libraries are so big, they actually have little cards with maps that say which call numbers are on which parts of which floors. crazy. so i started off in the ugli, which was hard enough for me to navigate in the first place, but most of the books i needed were in the grad library. big mistake. no joke, the grad library is as big as my high school was. maybe bigger. so i go into the front desk, and she gives me this paper that has a big map of the library and where certain call numbers are located. fun times. so i step into the library, map in hand, and look around, and there are a bunch of doors but not much indication of which one i should enter to find what i needed. basically i stood in this marble room listening to the echo of my own breathing for a minute to get my bearings. it was that quiet.

it took me an hour to find fve books for which i had the call numbers. i seriously could have gotten lost in the stacks. i think that you could kill someone in there and they would not find the body for a week. i figured this out while i was meanering my way through them. i found a book that i thought might help, so i started looking through it, and i realized that i had been in there reading for 15 minutes without having heard a single sound or noticing any sign of human life in the general proximity. this freaking library is that big. ginormous. i also figured out that it would be a good place to take a nap because you're surrounded by books, which aren't exactly going to keep you awake, and it's dead silent in there because it would take several thousand people just to make it so that there were a few people in each very large room.

i think i'm going to go there to study and do homework from now on. people always talked about going to the library to get their work done and i thought it was the dumbest thing ever, but now that i actually went, it makes sense. the ugli is social, and the grad library is pretty much the perfect place to study. so now i found a place that will force me to do work....or at least catch up on some sleep.

anyways, by midnight i had finished getting books for my paper, and i headed back to the dorms to write it up on the ninth floor. this paper sucks arse. not my writing, but the topic in general. it's so hard for me to come up for a theme for a historical topic. i hate facts and research books and stuff like that. the only purpose of them is for me to further my own knowledge on a topic, and personally, i could do without that knowledge. i don't need to know about the labor conditions for early 20th century workers in urban areas, and that's the bottom line. our teacher told us that the purpose of this paper was to learn how to research. i don't need to know that. the purpose of college is to become better in your chosen area of study, and i don't want to be a researcher when i get older. so there. research can suck it.

so i start writing the paper at midnight, and at that point i was on my second cafe mocha and my last nerve. by about 2:45 i was starving so i called bell's and had a pizza delivered to me at the dorms. i ate it upstairs at the computer center and ate one of katie's caffeine mints because i could hardly stay awake. at 4:15 i was sure that i was going to die if i didn't get some sleep so i went to bed without finishing it. i woke up at 8:30 to get it done before class.

by the time i was done with class and lunch, it was 1:00, so i layed down to take a nap. when the alarm went off at 2:20 for me to go to practice, i apparently got up and turned it off and went to bed. at least that's what katie tells me. i don't remember waking up, climbing down the ladder, walking across the room, turning off my alarm, and climbing back up but i believe that i was tired enough for it to happen. needless to say, i woke up at 5:45.

and i'm still tired. i hope i don't have mono or something. i feel like i can't keep up with all this crap anymore. i want to drop out of school.

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