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stroker (profile) wrote,
on 3-16-2005 at :00pm
Current mood: lonely
Music: Jumpsteady - IF
Subject: Another day, another....., God Dam Day!
Not much to say, and no time to say it. Had to wait for five & a half hours to use my computer today. Nothing new. Called the Doc to day and I have to go see him next week. Well not him but I know I'll see one of his many nurses. Dudes never there.

I am so fucking bord! Work all day just come home and sit by myself. Well kev was here (on the computer), but I was deff' alone. It sucks.
I thought about drinking but I think I need to cut back a bit in that depo. La de da.... bord... bord bord bord bord bord.... BORD! I think I'll go into salitary confinement and just hide out for a week or so. Talk to nobody and sleep all day. That sounds fun, ........ NOT!

Life sucks!

Have a nice day.
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