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THEhairybeast (profile) wrote,
on 3-14-2005 at 12:25am
Current mood: eh
Music: none
Subject: in schoool
yeOo homies lol .. uh im in school.. yea havent been around in lightyears but the comps busted. AH it sucks. but ive gotten used to sittin around watchin tv and gettin fat. and im not just saying that bc i def gained cus i was 1O3 now im 111. haha yessss B). anywhoo were supposed to be writin our research papers but um i deff have no idea what to do cus im not even done readin my book. ohwell. hmm whats new? .. nott much really just been chillaxin haha. peoples are comin over friday nite. yeah but everyones gotta come after 1O cus my dad doesnt know im havin this little 'shin dig' and he should be out of the house by 9:3O or 1O at the latest. i hope. cus if not im gettin caught for sure. haha. uh i dont know.. i should get off here before someone catches me and i end up typing this shizz for nothin. hello to all i dont see .. aim [broken heart] ..

vee is no longer THEhairybeast. . .. you figure it out. haha

if you read this comment =) .. tootles haha
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