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lifestourniquet (profile) wrote,
on 3-18-2005 at 12:05am
Current mood: calm
Music: Enigma
Subject: Life away from life
FUCK! I just updated a good four paragraphs for nothing because this fucked up browser just uploaded a gay site. What....the.....fuck.

Ok fine Ill do it in point form this time
-School going well, caught up in Lit, English, still working on other two.
-Eating well this time round, actually have the money to.
-Getting a computer hopefully for school and my writings which should help.
-Loz and me nearly at four months (this thursday) hoping to take her somewhere reasonably fancy if I have the funds.
-Things are going well out of home, though I do need to start excersing.
-Job is going somewhat okay, hurt my back and put it out of place the other day though so havent been able to do shifts the past four days.
-Reasonably well off money wise.
-I had more but right now im so pissed off with this browser that I cant be bothered.
-Oh, Charn should be getting the bond back soon which means I can pay my father back. Yay.
Take care all
*grumbles at the fucker of a browser*
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