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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 3-17-2005 at 11:54pm
Current mood: contemplative
tuesday i went to the hip hop class with michelle. dylan came home. he came over. we decided to break up because im leaving at the end of the semester for london and hes going to oregon for the summer.

wednesday i longboarded to the tanning place. some guy came up to me and thought it was way cool that i was longboarding. so he got my number and we are going to go longboarding after spring break. then i went to an accounting study group. then i had a meeting for london. i am so excited to go! they talked to us about what to pack and all of the places that we are going to go. then i went to the gym.

thursday i was at school for 11 freaking hours. that sucked. i got done with school at 2 but i had another accounting study group to go to. that lasted till about 5. then i studied by myself in the library. while i was there this kid comes up to me and asks if i live at college terrace. i said yes and he goes me too. i guess he just moved in a couple of months ago. his name is luke, he asked me if i wanted to go out saturday night. then i took my accounting test at 6. didnt get done with it till 715. i was so sick of school by then. i got home and went to the gym. i've lost 4 pounds since tuesday! i've had no appetite so i havnt really been eating much. i have been way stressed out about school and i miss my family and everyone back home.

next wed. spring break begins!! but that means i have a bio test on mon and a math test on tues. :-(
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