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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2005 at 7:44am
Music: Dirrty-Christina Aguilera
SoOOoO I haven't updated in a full business week -gasp- so i thought i would update for my adoring fans. ha..jk. aaaaaaanyways
So i went to see the Ring Two with Malia, Ling, Kim C, and Stacie. Wooo aannnnnd i learned i can fit into my sisters size SIX jeans. i was so excited. the actual movie wasnt so great, it was just sick to hear the crunching sound of Samara crawling around. I saw a ton of people at the theatre, its been a while since ive been downtown. At the ticket stand i saw ben s and renee b (skinny and blonde..with ben? i'm in such shock!...not) And he was just trying to act like i didnt know what he was up to. what a fucking moron. Then i saw garett c. and his friends nick and sean (shawn?) and that was cool. BROOKE i saw brooke and i met her friends kelsey and eric. they are cool cats. hmmmmm and wooooo! this ENTIRE BASEBALL team walked into RPS (i do believe they were out of towners, because they seemed to not know where they were going) but wooo that was niiiice. Lol. I even said hi, and they were pretty cool. and after that we saw zach, kim b, marla, josh, and maisie, but they left pretty fast. and about five mintues after they left, i saw darrick, patrick l, brian g, frank g, and i think her name is ..tara? so i went and said hello, and apparently pat (who i met on wednesday) thought i was a junior? hmm..
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