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jaganshi (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2005 at 3:23pm
Subject: Sore wa... himitsu desu.
Brian and I talk about my icon

He thinks my icon is.... something. All I know is I enjoy it and he hasn't told me to stop using it. =^.^=

Arch mage144: How would you feel if I did something like that with a picture of you?
Lithaladhwen: Depends.
Lithaladhwen: which picture would you use?
Arch mage144: ...I don't know, this is hypothetical. One that looks good.
Lithaladhwen: Would I be topless?
Arch mage144: I wouldn't share those photos.
Lithaladhwen: As long as you couldn't see anything.... and the photo was flattering... Hell I'd probably use it.
Arch mage144: *thud*
Lithaladhwen: *sparkle*
Arch mage144: You sparkle alright.
Lithaladhwen: If I had a digital camera.....
Lithaladhwen: you'd see.
Arch mage144: ...
Lithaladhwen: I would make such icons..........
Arch mage144: that all you'd do with it?
Lithaladhwen: What I'd do with the camera...
Lithaladhwen: is...
Lithaladhwen: a secret.
Arch mage144: *thud*
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