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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 3-19-2005 at 10:13pm
Well, snagging season has begun, therefore Joe's is BUSY as hell. I worked six hours today (0800-1400) It really wasn't all that bad I suppose, other than the fact that we had nearly every fisherman EVER in our store... including a bus of kids from Warrensburg on their way to Nixa and our regular Greyhound from KC. Peachy. So many of our customers are such hicks... smelly ones at that. Cindy wants me to come in at 6:00a.m. tomorrow. Jesus God that is just... a fateful sin. So I will work 8 hours. (0600-1400) Not fun. I came home to an empty house; mum had gone to Springfield with Chels and Bobby was at work. I nuzzled down on the coutch and glanced vaguely at the TV. I finally found something called "Soul Survivor" with Billy Zane. It was actually really good. Really touching. I got teary at a few parts.

I was just sitting there in the dark on the coutch...buried under my huge quilt with the buzz of some underbudgeted commercial in the background and I began to cry a little. I've not done that in a long while really. Of course I was thinking about him. I thought of my mum too.

Of my family, faith, my life, whatever.

Mostly of him.

It was good to cry was like I wanted more of it really.
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