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insomniac (profile) wrote,
on 3-21-2005 at 6:11pm
Music: Sleeping In - Postal Service
My Sesame Street calendar says that yesterday was Big Bird's birthday, I can't believe I missed the festivities!

So a few days ago I ordered these three shirts that were on sale at, JC Was A Streaker, He Lives By The Ocean and God Hates Techo. They're so neat, I can't wait until they come in.

So on Saturday I saw outside for a long time, drawing and doing my algebra homework while I listened to music, which I do with about everything I do. So, while I was sitting there for an hour or more, my left shoulder ends up getting burned badly along with my right shoulder. And this large patch on my upper left thigh also got burned that looks odd since it has a sharp burn line, then fades back to white after about six inches. Hopefully it won't peel and get nasty since I've been putting Solarcaine on it every few hours. Good stuff.

Today, in Ms Blanco's class, we had to write a five paragraph narrative using the fifteen rudimentery vocabulary words that she makes up copy the deffinition of. So Hope, Mogn, DJ and I were going to be in a group, but she says that it's three to a group even though all of the desks are moved into groups of four. So she moves DJ. Ididoth. Anyway, our story ends up being about this crazy guy named Morgan who goes into fruit-rehab because he stole some diced peaches from this five year old on a field trip. Then he breaks out and assimilates a rag-tag group of 'ittle tykes to cause anarchy and whatnot. Then the D-O-L-E Dole corperate boss-man gets mad at the rioters and chaos ensues. But Morgan starts this, like, fruit company comparable to Willy Wonka's. But Mr. Green Giant doesn't like that, but Morgan hands out golden foil fruit cups and everything ends in a warm and squishy way.
Ben, Rachel and Travis' group did something about a Lolli-pop king named Shelby. Ha.

I plan on finishing Mossflower before Sunday is over with. I mean, if I had the time it could be finished in a day or two.. but everyone knows ima hypocrite.

No school on Friday, which means that's the beginning of meh spring break. Which I will make sure to get off of my ass and do stuff. Gramma said she might take me on an online shopping spree, since I find the Duval stores pretty redundant and repulsive.

"...And his fruit cravings are sensationalized!"- Mogn
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