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reddevil666 (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2005 at 6:37am
We have all done it.
We all still do it.
We have heard it, we have spoke it. one seems to think that perhaps-if we really just looked at the main problem here-it really isnt all that big of deal. Its not worth telling a hundred people-or bring a hundred people into it. And it sucks that that is invetitable because by human nature, even the smallest of arguments or a way creates a war-and we all have to convert others to our side and our points of view. But in the end if any of us plan to grow from an experience, we wont.

And we can try as hard as we want to just be completely honest with people-but that isnt going to happen...because if every one walked around saying what they thought all the one would ever feel good. And no one would probably be friends. Because things are always interpreted the wrong way or ...whatever

My only reason for this journal is to say that :people have thoughts-thats why we have brains- and shit happens....
its really not worth getting our panties in a bunch

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