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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2005 at 11:37am
Current mood: happy
i love utah. its so pretty. you think i would be used to the mountains since i've been here for 10 months but im not. everytime i go outside i still stare in awe of them. its so amazing here.

friday i went to school. went to the peer tutoring lab so they could help me with cellular respiration, like the kreb's cylce. michelle and i went to the gym. then we went to a chinese buffet with dylan, jeremy, derek, tim, and katie. then we all went over to emmy's for a party. dylan and i talked for awhile about different things.

saturday i slept in late. made myself a yummy breakfast with eggs and pancakes. then i went to the gym. came home and studied for a bit. later on i went and played pool with dylan, derek, jeremy, bailey, tim and katie then we all went back to dylan's and watched a movie.

sunday slept in went to church for a bit. went over to dylan's because him and his roommates bought pizza. then i studied. my mom called, we talked for about 40 minutes. i got caught up on what is going on back home. im so excited to be home soon! i miss it a lot. dylan came over later on and i helped him with health and he helped me with bio.

monday i went to school then took my bio test. i did pretty good. i did better then i expected. i went to the gym with dylan and trask.

today i had a calc test. there hasnt really been much people in my classes today. i think its stupid that we only get 3 days off for spring break. but im glad for the break that we do have. when school gets out dylan and i are taking jamie up to salt lake to the airport. then i have to stop by brando's and get my camara. im going to colorado tonight till probably friday with dylan. that will be lots of fun!

i talked to alicia yesterday. she is gonna come to utah in the summer for a bit. so we are gonna go skydiving!
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