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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 3-22-2005 at 9:59pm
Music: welcome to the jungle
Subject: hot shit
so i stayed at johannas for 4 days lmao. i got back yesterday. while i was there we just hung out and did hot stuff! we went to julia's funeral and a lot of people showed up so it was good. lmao omgg johanna was talking to MATT CUSTER on my sn and was like telling him i wanted to fuck him and all this shit and then he asked me out and johanna was like YES. lmao so he thought we were dating and it was hot!! lmao omgg..

lmao holy shit! yesterday jeremy let me give him a mullet! OMG! lmao it is rediculous. damn.. haha so hes gonna let me shave it in a couple of days. sexcellent. ha and today we made human pyramids with the hotties outside today. it was hot. yeah so we just got home from a little diner in frederick and now im bored and i want to throw up! yeah so thats my story. later kids.

ha aw cory is telling me how much he misses me. lmao i forgot to say that at johanna's, jo told him i was moving away and he like FLIPPED OUT and when jo told him it was a joke he was like "god damn johanna, that is not funny" haha ahh it was hot! i love that kid like a son of a bitch<33
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