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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 7:49am
Current mood: depressed
Music: taking back sunday
Subject: its the day before spring break and i feel like shit
all i do is cry and wish things will be alright
but instead
all they do is get worse
can you picture me crying every night being depressed
sitting in my room all alone
wishing someone could hold me?
didnt think so
well this is to all those people who think my life is perfect
because let me fucking tell you something
i dont wish my life was perfect
i just wish things could get a little better you know?
so all im saying now is all you people that keep your crying and your feelings inside...
it only makes things
oh does it make things worse
please listen to me before........
before its too late

^i made that^

this is a taking back sunday lyric i like *down*

(well which would you prefer my finger on the trigger, or me face down, down across your floor well just so long as this thing’s loaded)

later on

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