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sugarpeep (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 10:59am
Current mood: curious
Music: 3EB : Crystal Baller
Subject: Wha??

pic of the day By Frisket. We have one very serious obsession in common *gryn*. Ponies.

Hmm.. So this journal works again eh? Good to know because I like it much better than my other three. >.>
Righto, still in school. Switched my major. I'm now in for Natural Resourse Management. That's park services, land surveying, zoos, botanical gardens, etc. for thems who don't know. I recently got back from a wonderful week in Florida with my grandparents. We had WAY too much fun and saw all kinds of birds.
I'm actually single for once. O,o Not sure how long that'll last though. Just got out of a wretched relationship that is, hopefully, FINALLY over. -.-
I work at Toys R Us.. remember Karen.. when we got kicked out?.. Yeah.. they hired me. :P But I'm looking for a job that's more in my field.
I have tons and tons of fish (cichlids, koi, goldfish, betas, catfish) a hamster, and A KITTEN I CAN"T WAIT TO GET!!! *pant pant* Okay..
As mentioned above, I've recently become obsessed with ponies.. again? I have 63 of them. Three of which I've modified for others. Yay ponies. You can see some of my pony mods here ~>
What else is new?.. *shrug*

Mreep! My Pals! You know who you are! You all mean so much to me :)
AAAAAaaarrrrt! Pamper my ego.
Email me:>

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