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ddeastroyer (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 10:15am
Current mood: sick
Music: Surfing With The Aliens -- Joe Satriani
Subject: I hate being sick during Spring Break...
Ok... Stuff happened but I dont wanna talk about it... Not yet at least... I am on here for two things to announce only... I will update later and tell the few things that have happened while I been off...

Ok first, I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as "True Love"... The mathmatical probability of finding someone absolutley perfect for you is... Well, slim shit... And not just mathmatically... When you think about it... You can see my point... Back to the main thought... Theres no such thing as "True Love," only positive attitudes and compromise... I dunno... Something I was just thinking of while talking to some people...

Secondly... As many of you know I am running for Class Vice-President... I am giving some early notice... During lunch of Wednesday, April 6, there is a vote in the theater and speeches if more that one person is running for a spot... I am running against Cynthia Lee... As far as I know at least... Anyways... Its during lunch and I need all you to come and vote for me... Dont let me down =D

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