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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 2:44pm
soo in case you're wondering why i said that yesterday was gross.. we walked in that disgusting weather thru prospect park ((me kristin julia baker nancy and deirdre)) to baker's house ((from the school in park slope to windsor terrace.. ew longg)) nd we were gunna go get somethinn to drink but the guy wouldnt sell it.. nd baker got mad cuz shes gotten stuff there before but she aint allowed in lmao dont ask.. so yea.. kristin came back to bay ridge with us but deirdre had to go home for her sisters bday and kristin didnt really feel that great so she went home nd julia decided to, too.. soooo yea.. im goin to sheepshead tomorrow to see kristin.. so we'll probably go get something then.. gotta clean the room today so i can go out tomorrow.. later<3
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