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swimchica255 (profile) wrote,
on 3-24-2005 at 9:22pm
Current mood: bored
Music: kelly clarkson-since you've been gone
Subject: uhhh

i haven't written in a little while, i guess. i've been busy having fun and whatnot. yeah, and by fun, i mean school. except that it's not fun at all. it blows, especially for someone who could make a profession out of procrastination. the year is wrapping up pretty quickly, and i have about ten gazillion papers to write, exams to prepare for, and presentations to give. and you know i'm gonna put them all off until the last minute. it's what i do.

anyways, while i've been working hard, i've been playing hard too. you can't have one without the other unless you want to go insane. with that said, in the past seven days, i have gone out four times. i could have gone out more, but i figured i should give it a rest and not have my body completely break down...which it almost did on sunday night. let's just say there is a two hour period that i have absolutely no memory of, and i'm not quite sure why. yeah....

i don't really know why i'm writing right now, because i don't have all that much to say, but i guess i just sort of feel like doing that 'stream of consciousness' rambling sort of thing.

my tv broke like 2 weeks ago, or so katie and i thought. after missing two episodes of the oc, we figured out that the microwave had bumped into this button on the wall that turned off the cable connection. yes, we're that smart. so basically i was looking up episode summaries when i could have actually watched it. yesssss.

swimming's been going okay. basically just cardio, dryland, and a few thousand yards a day, which isn't too bad. the ncaa girls did pretty well....14th in the nation! i'm proud of them. teenie and smitty leave for world trials next week. after that, the season is officially over for everyone, and basically it is going to be constant insane partying. i can't wait.

it's finally starting to feel a little like spring (knock on wood). today it got up to at least like 45 degrees. i'm seriously considering laying out if it stays like this. you wimps in warmer places might think i'm insane, but i don't care. i need something warmer than negative a million. the beginning of spring and warm weather is by far one of the happiest parts of my year, every year. i can smell the mud outside instead of the snow, and it just makes me want to do a cartwheel. i discovered this sometime around middle school. i mean yeah, everyone looks forward to spring and is happy when it's nice outside, but i've noticed that spring literally and drastically alters the chemicals in my body. i can feel it. i just really hope it stays this way.

basically i have nothing else to write about because i'm boring, so i'm gonna go.
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