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simplywicked (profile) wrote,
on 3-25-2005 at 4:36pm
Today was crazy..

Ok.. so after.. not.. waking up.. I went to my bus stop. Once on the bus, Dan (Ghetto homie) was talking to me.. and i couldn't understand a single word ge said.. I was also hearing office phones (you know.. the kind that go Blee-e blee-e, all politely?) ringing in the back of my head. *note: this was a side effect of sleep deprivation, not crack* Then when i got to school i was sitting in the hall and every time someone would walk past me I would see them about 2.5 feet away.. but then I'd look again, and they'd be about 10 feet back! It freaked me out. I got a Monster energy drink and tried walking to the fieldhouse... but i needed to cling onto Mandy for most of the journy because everything was changing sizes. Once in choir, i realized we had a sub which meant I (thankfully) didnt have to do anything. I /did/ go to the bathroom though.. which scared the living crap (not literally..eww) right out of me because i was hearing crows in there while i washed my hands. For the rest of choir i read a book and tried not to think too hard. In health.. I kinda sat around and compared the prices of potatoes for an assignment. Then came third period, the highlight of my day. You see, all the Germans were preforming their choir peices in the auditorium, so i skipped history to go listen to them. Hottie McNaughtyBody was there (of course) and i spent the /ENTIRE/ con staring right at him.. I didnt mean to, But he had the bone structure of a god. He finally noticed my gaze was directed at him, which i think confused him a little.. But in between songs.. he nudged the boy next to him and the other boy looked RIGHT AT ME. PROVING that they were talking about me.. this didnt faze my gaze though and i simply put on a seducive smile and kept on lookin'. He looked up at me more when he was singing, as if to convince himself that i really WAS looking at him. I was.. And before he got off stage he /smiled/ at me. A cute little german smile.. I saw him at lunch and we made eye contact, but thats it.. I dont even know his name.. Actually, I think its Simon or something.. He told my choir class, but i wasnt paying attention.

My lowest energy point was in English, and stupid Mr. Huff took no notice and made me be romeo. /Romeo/ for christs sake! Gahd. My words were all kinda slurred from more Monster and not sleeping for over 24 hours.

But let me tell you, I am not the least bit sorry I'm missing the movie tonight. I would be SOOOOOOOOO miserable. It would suck. I'm not ashamed to be sitting at home with my aunt, uncle, Mom, and Mom's boyfriend on a friday night... I mean, hey.. It beats Paying too much for a dumb scary movie i dont want to see in the first place, only to end up either A) Falling asleep in the theatre and paying 6.50 for an uncomfortable nap, or B) Wishing deperately i were at home sleeping. Besides.. I hate sevies.

If i can stay up until 8:00pm, i will have gone without sleep for 33 hours, a personal record. I would be sleeping now.. but I'm so tired.. I'm not.. Like when you get so cold you actually feel a little warm.

This is a really long entry, but finally I have to say thank you to Mandy, Alex, and Chris.. for being nice to me and leading me around places when i couldnt walk in a straight line. I love you!

-phew- OK, I'm all done now. :-D
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