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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 4:38pm
Music: as long as you're mine<3
last night was pretty cool.. only one of kristin's friends came but thats ok.. my mom was pissed at me though so that kindaa fcked the ride home.. it was quiet.. i was madd tired though.. i didnt really fall asleep until like 1:30 so i slept til 1030 finally omgg i couldnt lately i dunnoo why.. too used to having to be up at 6.. eeww..

kristin's coming to bay ridge tonight but i dont know if i can go out.. its the night before easter.. she picked a bad day lol.. she aint coming in til 7 so.. yea.. i dont really feel that great either.. kristin's gunna be mad at me if i dont come lol.. oh well.. i'll make it up to her next week..

the only thing that sucked about last night.. is that we only got our hands on one beer and there was four of us lmaoo.. and it was onee of the small bottles.. and kristin drank half of it lmaoo stupid alcoholic lol

im gunna go.. i dont feel that great.. be on later probably.. call the cell <3
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