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sandatthebeach (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 5:40pm
Current mood: restless
Subject: peeled clementines
I have to pee...thought I'd share :-D.

I don't update much either here or my Xanga. Frankly I don't really want people to know much about my personal life anymore. If you do...ask and you may recieve an answer. Possibly.

Anywho...I got bored so I'm here. I figured I'll post a random entry because I read all the other ones and I sound whiney. It's my whining journal hence the lack of updates. I think I post one entry in here like every other month. Hehe.

Hm...I got talk to the Pa-trice today which was well needed...I think for the both of us.

Yeah that's all I got...Oh yeah and it's Spring Break now. 'Tis well needed as well.

Always, Sandy
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