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lilkristen (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 7:41pm
lmfao kristin struck out again in a deli.. shes havinn really bad luck this week

i couldnt stop crackin up

she said her and deirdre are goinn to see erin to try to get something.. i think its madd funny tho lol..

i aint with em cuz i feel like im gunna hurl lol if i drink somethin i'll puke it up lol.. i feel kindaa bad im not out since kristin's here from sheepshead =[ i wanna go hang out with them.. but kristin's gunna be in a bad mood if she doesnt get a drink lmaoo =] ooh well she's coming in again on monday.. if i aint better by then i'll kill myself.. omgg im looking forward to tomorrow nd next week so much we're gunna PARTAYY lol.. kristin's gunna call me when she gets home.. hopefully i wont be too asleep to feel it vibrating lol.. that happens sometimes.. cuz its under my pillow and.. aaah forget it do you really care? im out.. later
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