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pamela (profile) wrote,
on 3-26-2005 at 11:37pm
Current mood: happy
so tonight was great! jess and i called ben like 10 times during his church's easter play thingy, and decided to put lipstick on nick and ben's cars. it was fun, we tp-ed nick's car too. and i'm really dumb, we put this big clown punching thingy in the back of ben's car, and i checked to see if nick's car was open, so i do a back seat door, which was locked, but the other doors weren't locked. it's a thing called it was fun though. :D and tomorrow my mom brother and i are going to brunch with the family...oh joy. but maybe after i'll hang with jess and do stuff. we so thought nick was gonna kill us, we knew ben would think it was funny, but we didn't know what nick's reaction would be. he told jess and i that we had to wash his car, and that jess would have the hose to wash it and i'd have a hair dryer to dry it....and ben said something along the lines 'i bet she was thinking that the car wouldn't get dry' which is soo funny cuz for a split second i thought that, but then knew that we'd get electrocuted....ha ha ha, i'm dumb. well talk to y'all later!
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