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chalupaguadalahara (profile) wrote,
on 3-27-2005 at 10:06pm
Ah what a vaginal day this has been Happy Easter! I worked today from 8-4. Talk aboot long. Beckey, Yvonne, Colleen, Judy and I have so much fun together. Oh lord, we mess around so much. For instance, Yvonne stuck the ladle down Colleen's crack because it was hanging out of her pants (nasty) and we said she was taking a "soil sample." heh. ohhh letsee... I helped Judy in the freezer and thought I was going to die from the lack of cover. Faced aisle 3.... Gilbert made me feel like about THIS big like usual...without even interacting with me. I found this box of Krakel bars or whatever whose wrappers were yellowing and dusty.

Evan: "God, these are so old and dirty; they look like they're from the 60s!"
Yvonne: "So what are you saying about stuff from the 60s?"
Evan: "That you're old and dirty, Yvonne..."
Yvonne: "I get that a lot."

Ah I love Yvonne. Her oldest son, Shane, god he is cute. well...her younger one isnt so bad... but Shane..I dunno he's nothing wonderful to look at, but there's something about him that is adorable. Yes, even though he has a goatee.


After work, I went to my Aunt Kaylene's where everyone had already eaten dinner. I had some stuff and got even more candy from my grandmother and my aunt. I had some wicked cherry pie. We had our annual easter egg hunt outside and it was McKennzee's first time to partake. She was adorable, going around in her little jean jacket and hat calling "Eggies!!!" "are you?" hehehe. Most of us saved our eggs/candy for her and just watched her. She IS the princess afterall. After she collected eggs, and was so proud of herself, she decided to hide them again and then go pick them up.... over and over. I had to help every step of the way too. " u'mon Evie, more again!" she would say to me. Such a love.

I was reminded today of:

How simple things can be the most beautiful
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