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blondie17 (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2005 at 12:08am
so...i think that i am doing good with the getting over him bit. go me! not really. its so hard. we went to westgate the other day, and he held my hand! he reached for my hand! of course he had some alcohol in him but do you think i care? nope! your crazy if you do! it was so nice. he told me that he looked forward to my calls at 2:45 when i get out of school and right before soccer. he told me i mean a lot to him. and im his best friend. he told me that it meant a lot to him when i took him to court that mornign.he told me that it meant a lot to him when i was getting sick cause i thought he was going to jail...cause it meant he knew i cared....I CARED AND CARE A LOT! and he told me i was special and if anyone ever hurts me hell kick their ass. he told me he wouldnt let me get used by guys anymore. he is the reaason im so happy all the time, and hes the reason im so sad. he told me it was too bad that i had to work sunday cause his family was going out.....which means i think that he wished i could go with him. i stood up to my dad and told him to quit being a jerk cause i like jason. my family likes him. I like him. my mom even told him that she wished he could have been with them on easter. (i had to work so i didnt even eat with my family i got cold leftovers. I sat with his mom,sister and his sisters boyfriend and looked at family pictures...mostly of when he was cute! i just love being this close to him. it is nice. saturday sucked at first and then got better. i hung out with him pretty much every day this week. and weekend. wow. hes such a great person!
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