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chanel24 (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2005 at 6:07pm
Current mood: disappointed
Music: damn ipod
Subject: havent written in a while
yeah i wouldve written in this during spring break but i was having too much fun being lazy and sleeping inn. yeah so once i got home from johanna's, i just chilled for like 2 days and then we went to georgetown for 2 days and got some serious shopping done. it was pretty hot. got rubbed up on by some sexually frustrated hobos! loved every second of it ok.. god. ha yeah so easter was kinda.. not anything special? ha i got like a basket and then that was about it besides dinner.

omfg today was monday and i was ready to shoot myself in the FACE! god i was so freaking bored and derlerious! atleast today was my easy day which was nice. i had spanish which was gay cause she made us actually do shit which sucked andd then i had math and i got my interim and i have a freaking 63! lmao im FUCKED! ha so i just gotta turn in all that shit that i just looked over before and then im set so its really not that bad soo then i had lunch and holy shit russel was like going under the table and like stroking kathleen and my legs.. haha omg it was so freaking scary and hilarious! i almost died? ha so then i had resource and actually hung out with melissa and cory most of the time which was alright i guess but i randomly started talking to spencer and it was hot haha. he shot these bottle caps like into the air and shit.. it was hot. so then i had teen living and we watched a movie so i just tried to sleep the entire time and then mere told me that her and brandt had sex? lmao i was like uhhh.. haha it was hot. kinda random but thats ok.. she like told me not to tell anyone but then she like told jess who ran up to me and sarah to tell us and so its basically definite that every is going to know by the end of this week. i kinda feel bad for her cause they broke up like a second later so that was kinda pointless. plus.. retarded as hell that her first time didnt mean jack shitt! i told derek about it and we were talking about how we think its retarded to like do it before youre even in highschool and especially with a boyfriend that youre not even serious with.. how retarded. i was kinda suprised that derek was saying that but i was still impressed.

so the other night, jeremy's dad kicked him out of the house.. its reallyy sad. jeremy is the kind of person who wont show when theyre upset but i mean something like that happens.. you kinda have to be sad. so jeremy has like a bookbag full of clothes, a bottle of water, toothpaste, and like a jacket and hat.. its freaking raining like SHIT outside right now and i feel horrible knowing that he is freaking outside! he came over at like 8 last night and stayed until like 12. samm and i kept offering a bed or even a floor or blanket but he wouldnt accept any help.. i wish jeremy was mature enough to realize when he needs help and when to accept it. bleh i dont even want to talk about it because its sucha sad thing..
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