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chuckitatthewall (profile) wrote,
on 3-28-2005 at 7:26pm
Music: Who else? The Doors
Hey guys. YOU KNOW WHAT! I SAY "HEY" TOO MUCH NOW! arg..I gotta stop that.

Ok I really really can't stand braggarts. My goodness. Shut up about how great you are and show us. If you have to brag about it then youre probably lieing. I love compliments. NOT FOR ME! I love to give them. I think that compliments are the best thing a person can get. Braggarts never get compliments. Not genuine ones at least. THis is because they are constantly fishing for compliments so if they do get some they are fake. People compliment them to make them shut up.

People these days really piss me off. In fact...the way things are today piss me off in general. Dont get me wrong. I like being alive but I hate the way people are now. So many rude people. Everyone has issues (including me) but we make such a big deal out of them. Maybe the reason your kid is so mean and violent because you dont know how to discipline them. Maybe its your fucking fault. No no no. Its always they need medication. Today, medication solves everything. There is a medication for just about anything you "have". If you cant sit still we'll put you on 5 medications that will cause you to become a zombie but at least youre "dealt" with and no one has to worry about you. Fuck that. Fuck all these medications and shitty ass things doctors have come up with. "Oh no! My kid sneezed! Doctor do something! SHES NOT SUPPOSED TO SNEEZE!!!!" and then the doctor puts the kid on some antibiotic cause the mother is such an over protective bitch who cant let her kid sneeze.

Another thing. (I need to sepertate this even though this probably isnt a new paragraph spot.) Do you know how many things there are for babies? How many toys and clean up things and protective shit? HOLY FUCKING COW! Whatever happened to letting a kid roll on a blanket outside with some stuffed animals? NO fucking way. First) you cant let your kid outside cause they will get a disease. Second) Stuffed animals don't allow a kids brain to develop correctly because they will get bored. Well, parents and doctors, maybe if they are bored when they are babies all the education in school will be interesting and they will put effort into their learning because all this new crap is so darn exciting! PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID! Children today are fat and stupid. Back in the days before all these new brain developing toys were invented, kids were smart. They succeeded. They tried and they became the great leaders of our country. Maybe we should take a look at what they were doing and go back to that style of raising children. We might actually be able to save the kids of today and tomorrow. FUCK ALL THE STUPID DOCTORS AND THEIR THEORIES BECAUSE THEY ARE SCREWING THE NATIONS CHILDREN INTO THE GROUND. WE ARE CREATING A GENERATION OF LAZY CHILDREN WITH NO INSPIRATION TO DO WELL.

Yea ok. Nice to get those things off my chest..
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