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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2005 at 12:51am
Current mood: good
Music: Classic Soul Ballads..yes the Time Life collection from TV!!
Subject: Putting songs on the iPod :)
Well hello. I am back at kent from Spring Break/Easter. Break was good! i got to see some of my firends including Selina and Gina B ( and baby Noah) but it was great to see selina b/c i havent seen her in a long time. I swear we are the only ones who see the strange ass shit that goes on in Fayette County..we were in teh mall and we see this lady petting a dog..." Selina: is that a dog that lady is carrying?" "Me: Yes, and there isnt a pet store in the mall" Fun times! i got to spend the day with Gina B which was alot of fun! but I love Easter its my favortie time of the year to go to mass. I went on Thursday, Friday Evening mass, and Easter Vigil for 2 and 1/2 hours on Saturday. I dont know but i just like to go alot. I know it sounds "crazy" to some people but it works for me. So iam back at kent EWWW but yeah only 6 more weeks, I am not excited to go home for 3 months, but iam happy that i wont have to do all this school work and shit. Eventhough iam taking 3 or 6 credits..The funniest moment of today was when Beth and I were walking back from the rec and we see 2 people climb into the grate that goes underground....yeah that was the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life!! Randomness. But i was dissapointed b/c I didnt get to talk to alot of people at mass and stuff B/c we had to leve the church in silence...yeah so i mad about, but its good to see people are Alive.
Well I am going to sleep.
OH yeah I got a great green ipod for Easter. and got yelled at by my brother for not coming to visit him over my yeah i could jsut get on a plane and show up at his door and it would be cool....i dont know about that.! but its cool. maybe i will go there for my birthday b/c my mom will be in Bosnia...yeah i said Bosnia for a religious Retreat. I wish i could go not only for religous reasons but so i can go over seas, and take how i wish i had money!
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