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court04 (profile) wrote,
on 3-29-2005 at 3:06pm
Current mood: cheerful
so dylan and i left tuesday night at 730. we got to his house around 11ish. on wed. we had a easy day. we went to an athletic club. we went to this restaurant called rockslide. that was really good food. then we just chilled at his place for the night.

thursday we went to glenwood springs. we went in these hotsprings. that was way cool. it was snowing out while we were sitting in the water! it was so cool. then we went on a gondola ride to the top of a mountain. it was so pretty up there. i loved it. when we got back home we took a nap. then went to the athletic club with his brother and sister. i just swam and went in the steam room.

friday we went skiing! i love skiing out west. there was tons of snow. i couldnt believe it. near the end there was a cloud about halfway down the mountain. it was impossible to ski through it because you couldnt see at all. it was like being in a very heavy fog. we had to go very slow.

saturday we hung around the house for a bit. then dylan had a doctor's appt. then we left for utah around 3. we got back around 4. i was so tired. derek came over and we watched a movie. then i went to sleep.

sunday i drove up to salt lake and met brando at his church. then we went out to eat at "the star of india" mmmm i love indian food! it is so good. when i got back home i cleaned my room and car. kyle came over and we watched the simpsons. then we went to the clubhouse. later on i went and watched the passion of christ at dylan's.

yesterday kyle came over and we had supper together. doing some cousin bonding. michelle and i went and did yoga at gold's. it snowed....yuck!

today was pretty good. school was long. i'll probably go to the hip hop class with michelle tonight. 3 weeks left of school!! i cant believe how fasts its coming up...its snowing alot right now. we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow. not cool.
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