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love4skate (profile) wrote,
on 3-30-2005 at 3:28pm
Current mood: chipper
Music: taking back sunday.
of all the things we've been through
all the nasty words we said
and the making up
and the fights
and the hatred in our voices..
all comes down to what we have
and what we have is far more important than any other friendship
you know exactly what im about to say before i say it
i know you love me and i know you know i love you
but why of all people did you pick me?
me of all people?
me to tell your secrets to
me to listen to cry on the phone when your boy friend breaks up with you
even though i've made you cry and made you want die inside...
remember these words that i mean oh so truley
you are my best friend..
and you will forever be that.

i love you alison.
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