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Kimmay2007 (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2005 at 12:08am
Current mood: pissed off
Music: cheap trick -i want you to want me
welps today was GAY.... didnt do much the most fun i had all day was talking to Keshia T and Shaina in 2nd ... oh yeah then i had band after school and found out something. tha pissed me off bad cause well i found out that Jason and Allison are dating and like its not that i like Jason or anything but no they cant date cause i know how allison is she likes a different guy everyday... and i just dont want jason hurt cause i think of him as a good friend of mine....... then i came home and was bored and still am bored..... welps thats my BORING day..... i might put a song on here b4 i go to bed not sure yet... welps Leave me a comment Shaina! lol Much love and god bless

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

welps yeserday (monday). i didnt get up till like 1 something then i had to clean my room to go to dads but then at like 3 when Tracys was suppost to be here she called and told me sami was sick and she had to take her to the ER so my room was clean for nothing lol... but then i ended up talking to Keshia and going down there... that was fun lol we was up till like 3:30 goofin off. thats Great ... then this morning we had to get up WAY to early cause Scott and Jodi was gonna be coming down. they didnt get there till late tho lol it was like 4 maybe and we didnt start cuttin on the tree till like one cause we was waiting around on them....... welps at like 7 me Keshia Scott and Jodi went to DQ.... yummy it was soo much fun i swear i havent laughed that hard in a LONG LONG time lol... it was Great..... welps then i came home and showed and then me and Chris got in a fight he really tickes me off at times.... oh well.. and now here i am bored getin ready to go to bed cause theres Nasty school tomorrow... welps ill talks to most of you tomorrow at Good Ol Hannan lol Bye Much Love and God Bless
Kimberly Dawn
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