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lovesolost511 (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2005 at 5:52am
You say that we are friends
You say that your life sucks
you say many, many things.
Some are cool, some are cruel.
You say many, many things.
You've let yourself go down
this path of iminate destruction.
How could I have been jealous of you?
How could I have been jealous of such stupidity?
How could I be jealous of people willing to loose it all, just to try it and be cool?
But now I realize I don't need to be like you.
For you, you one day will read these words and wish you had never tried what you tried. You will wish you said no. You will wish you never put yourself in that situation to begin with. And whose fault is that? Not mine, not anyone elses but yourself. You mean nothing good to me anymore. You face represents nothing but poor choices. I have no respect for you, I have no reason to believe in you.
Why would you do such a thing to yourself?
Why would you lower yourself to say "yes" to something that will ruin your life in so many different ways?
You've disapointed me so very very much.
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