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blondie17 (profile) wrote,
on 3-31-2005 at 11:46am
Subject: read people i need advice
one minute we are cuddling and the next minute ...he has a crush on someone. someone else. one minute i feel so close to him and the next....ive never wanted to be more far away. its weird...cause he'll put his arm around me and pull me closer and then that same night he says we are never going to be anything. exact words...."if we ever go out...which we probably wont, then well be together a long time." thats all we have more than him and any other girl is what he says. but after that he says "i think im crushing on kim" i say...well okay. i dont get how you are not ready to have something...tell me not to rush things, and then you tell me how you want to be with someone else. shes a bitch. she has a boyfriend, and the way she talks to him its like she doesnt. she tells him they need to hang out and then shell stand him up. and for some reason he likes her. i knew this would happen. when i finally get brave enough to move on hell do something to make me feel like he could like for instance....well be at a store.....i wont touch him...well just be walking...then hell grab my hand and hold on the rest of the way. i dont get this. at all and i want to stop liking him....more than anything, but everytime i make head way something happense which i guess gives me false hope. I think that we could be so perfect together. id do anything for that chance. but if we do end up together in the end....ill most likely feel as if i was never his first choice and that he was settling for me.
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