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speakyourmind22 (profile) wrote,
on 4-1-2005 at 10:06pm
Current mood: sick
Music: J LO - Rebirth
Subject: Blah...
Well Its Friday. And i jsut want summer to come. I just love how life loves to dick me over no matter what is going on. My alligeries are crazy and I am just in plain bitch mode. and I just want ot snap on everyone. I was informed today that my advisor doubts i will be able to declare my major anfter this sesmester..i think her math is wrong but oh well. I just want this semester to be over for alot of reasons,,this place pisses me off. people piss me off and yeah i can say iam pissed. I just want to graduate and start my job.,,thats all I want in life to take photos and be proud of my work. I dont need anything eles other than my camera and my eyes. and thats it..friends are ok..but not a focus point for me. god i hate being here sometimes
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