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AnnaLeBelle (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2005 at 1:40am
Current mood: Morose
Music: GreenDay-Whatshername
Subject: Stupid Dad
It went from a controlled questionably calm conversation to a screaming deathmatch in less than two seconds. Bad tempers are the undoing of family ties. Stupidity and ignorance are the cause of annoyance and hatred between loved ones.

And at the source of it all were 8 little words no longer than 6 letters, "The violin is with Pop, end of story."

The source of the problem is a piece of wood? Imagine that.

Yea, that side of the family is insane. I inheritted it, obviously...

It's appealing, apprently. It takes another liar to satisfy one pre-exsisting.

Enough ranting, I'm through.

Sad, morose, depressed, forlorn.

<3 In death, LDC

(No, I'm not going to attempt suicide. It doesn't work.)
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