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xk7x (profile) wrote,
on 4-2-2005 at 10:58pm
Yeah right now I am on the phone and talking to my friend. And as I was thinking of things to talk about I was like omg this is funny. The end..... ok yeah I played tennis today and I kicked ass. I guess the only thing that really makes me happy in life right now is the fact that I am able to play on the tennis team. There is only one thing that I dont do and I can only do it when I am not at practice and that really sucks cuz it helps me to relieve alot of anger. And I dont know really what I am talking right now but typing is bringing me joy in my sad little unhappy life. I guess I am kind of glad that it is spring break but not really. i mean its not like I am going to do anything fun over spring break but sit around and get fatter and then workout. I mean I might hang out with raelynn and such but thats about it. Its not like anyone else is going to bother and call Sad little katie when they can be hangin out with there own little circle. sometimes it makes me sad that no one is really going to care about me when they have there own little group problems going on. I guess thats the way it will always be.
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