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squishylover (profile) wrote,
on 4-3-2005 at 7:16am
Current mood: awake
Music: The nicest kids in town-Hairyspray
Subject: So taunt me, and hurt me, decieve me, desert me..this is a damn good song.
I am such a clumsy person. On Friday after Seans thing at Ellie's we decided to go to Veterans. Well, it was the Delray Affair so finding a parking spot was a bitch. So I parked at home and I carpooled with Ryan. We finally find a spot, and I was trying to be all cool and go through the bushes. (mainly cause I didn't see any other way out) So I'm like yah, I'm tough. Well it turned out from where I was going to walk out of, there was a drop. Sorta high, in my opinion. But of course I could not see it because of the bushes. So one moment, I'm stepping off the next moment *WHAM* I'm on the ground. I must admit it was amusing. I hurt my knee, but it was funny. Then not even 10 mins later. I'm talking to someone, and not paying attention to where I am going and *WHAP* I walk into a tree branch. I must say, that was the clumsiest I have ever been. But I smiled none the less. So yah, that is the story of my clumsy night.

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